Just wanted to share this review of The Check Out!

Richard Lester's novel, THE CHECK OUT, will grip you from the very beginning and not let go until the final, violent, conclusion. Set under the roof of a local grocery store, Lester strongly weaves the stories of upper management and employees along a darkened path of corruption, sex, and violence. It is a story reeling in dirt, as each chapter introduces a voice to the MegaSaver, each with their own evil plan in mind.

It is story rooted in the corruption of man, the struggles of daily life, and the sometimes painful consequences to choices. A superb first novel, Lester takes pride in crafting each character, each plot device, and each scene intricately stepping us toward that inevitable ending. He knows these characters, hell, we all know these sort of characters, which makes Lester's story more than just a one-genre-tale. It successfully blends a bit of Elmore Leonard, Roger Avery, and Gregory Crewsdon into 200-pages, gripping you at every turn.

My only struggle, if I had to name one, would be the timing of this book. I lost focus sometimes on the timeline itself (how many days did this story cover), but that was after the completion of the story. The story is where the core of Lester's talent lies, and it is obvious he did his research and left no question unanswered.

A very strong outing by a first time author, I would suggest asking your local bookstore to carry this gritty pulp story. The packaging is fantastic and it makes for a superb wind-down to the summer season. Well worth the time. This was a great read!